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Assistant: Christian Whitmore


"Christian is heavily educated in the automotive bussiness industry. At just 21 years of age Christian is set to take the motorsports sector by storm. Christian has adapted really well to all of our managment operations and will see him managing events, sponsors, clients, and contracts in 2014."  


                                                                                                                                                                          -Rui Teixeira




Christian Whitmore has always been passionate about cars and going fast, so being part of a racing team seems like the perfect fit. Whitmore is in his second year of his Bachelor of Business Automotive Management and so far he could not be happier with his choice to be a part of the Automotive Business School of Canada.


Racing Goals:

Whitmore's ultimate dream is to  one day have his own car to compete with. For now, he is happy with gaining knowledgable about racing, while making connections for the future. Ultimately, he wants to assist Mr. Teixeira and his team in winning a championship title. ​




Being chosen to be Director of Training and Recruitment for the Geogian College Auto Show was one of his biggest personal achievements. Running the show succesfully and having great attendence was an even bigger achievment.  




Skiing, mountian biking, extreme sports and automotive racing. 


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