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Cody is our first prospect with a basic level of track experiance.


"Cody is one of the most passionate young drivers we have ever come across. He has taken all the nessecary steps to prove all he needs is an opportunity. We are excited to take Cody from where he is now and watch him progress into a Canadian racecar driver."

                                                                                                                                                                               -Rui Teixeira




Cody is an aspiring racing driver. Through the driver development program, Cody will take his passion for motorsports into the physical world of motorsports. With a plan in action to have Cody begin in Karting and fast track with the consulting of Teixeira Motorsports Development into a B-Spec by the year 2015.

With a successful B-Spec campain, Cody has the potential to be a threat in the Super Touring category of CTCC.


Racing Goals:

2014 - Rotax Max test

2015 - B-Spec Race

2016 - Touring Class Race

2017 - Super Touring Race

2018 - Super Touring Season




Teixeira Motorsports Development: Cody Price

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