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McHappy Day 2013

Rui Teixeira has collaborated with Bell Helmets and Art Rotondo to provide kids the opportunity to design a racing Helmet. Racing Edge Motorsports did an amazing job giving kids a chance to see what real go-kart racing is all about, as they got to see one driven on a Canadian national level by Teixeira.

In the time it takes to grab a coffee or eat a meal, you could make a big difference in a child's life. One dollar from every Big Mac®, Happy Meal®, and hot McCafé® beverage you purchase will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses and other local children’s charities across Canada. Participants recieved a special Swirls Cupcake with the submition of their helmet design to make their day a little sweeter.

The event was a success with hundreds of templates being handed out and designs being submitted. The winning design was hand selected, painted by Art Rotondo and debuted at the 2013 Canadian Karting Championships by Teixeira.

The entire event was brought possible by

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