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2014 Canadian Motorsports Expo

Toronto, ON

Alongside the Canadian Touring Car Championship this weekend at the Canadian Motorsports Expo in Toronto, Canada, we showcased the XPLR Virtual Canadian Touring Car Championship and Forza Motorsport 4. We showed replays from the races already completed (as of the halfway point in the season), as well as live demonstrations by Rui Teixeira (XPR Rooster) and myself (XPR Roadrunner). We gathered a lot of interest as we had the President, Competition Director, Technical Director, and the Media Manager from CTCC watch how their championship looked on Xbox. We also had a visit from the reigning CTCC Touring Car class champion, Damon Sharpe of Blanchet Motorsports. Overall it was great to see that amount of interest, and I hope we can continue to run such series in the future.

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