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Teixeira unveils new partnership

Today, Xtreme Performance Racing and Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) driver, Rui Teixiera, announces a new partnership for 2014. This partnership has spawned a new Driver Development program, which will allow members of XPR a chance to convert their virtual racing career into one within the physical world. Teixeira is quite optimistic about the new partnership,

“XPR is a great virtual racing team to be a part of, and to now be officially associated with them outside of Xbox. With the direction and consulting from someone in real motorsports, these guys could go a long way.” Teixeira will be available to XPR members for consultation on possible racing ventures and how to handle the business side of motorsports, along with moving up in the racing ladder.

“Having known Rui for a while now, I really think that this is a great step forward for the group, and I hope that it translates well. I also think that this partnership will give us another edge on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Chad, Rob and I are really excited about this announcement,” says Hudec regarding how the XPR leadership has taken to this idea. In terms of operations, the XPR leadership of McGinley, Burly and Hudec will continue to run the team, while Teixeira will run the business side and help run the new development program.

Other noticeable changes will be the addition of Teixeira to the name to reflect the new partnership. The team will now be known as Teixeira XP Racing. The team acronym will remain XPR. A new logo will be put into place, and a media guide will be available for XPR members. Teixeira will be using his motorsports background to gain interest from companies for virtual racing.

The plan is to have real sponsors on Teixeira XP Racing cars in Forza 4 and 5, to help with make drivers better in competitions and to possibly move them to real world racing.

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